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Skin Script's Moderate Acne Skin Kit

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Skin Script's Moderate Acne skin kit addresses blemish-prone skin. 

Moderate acne is often characterized by consistent, often daily, breakouts and inflamed, congested skin. Skin Script relieves and heals troubled skin with a combination of powerful alpha and beta hydroxy acids as well as soothing anti-inflammatory natural botanicals.

The Kit Includes: 

- Raspberry Refining Cleanser 

- Glycolic Cleanser 

- Retinol 2% Exfoliation Scrub

- Clarifying Toner Pads 

- Blemish Spot Treatment 

- Light Aloe Moisturizer 

- Cucumber Toner 


- Glycolic and salicylic acids join forces with powerful retinol to deep clean pores, releasing trapped oil and debris below skin’s surface and increasing cellular turnover to reveal new, healthy skin.

- Natural lighteners kojic and arbutin diminish dark spots left from past blemishes.

- Potent botanicals raspberry, yucca and tea tree soothe inflammation to reduce redness.


Direction for Use:


  1. Cleanse: Raspberry Refining Cleanser 
  2. Exfoliate: Retinol 2% Exfoliating Scrub 
  3. Tone: Cucumber Hydration Toner 
  4. Spot Treat: Blemish Spot Treatment (as needed)
  5. Hydrate: Light Aloe Moisturizer 
  6. Protect: Sunscreen 

  1. Cleanse: Glycolic Cleanser
  2. Tone: Clarifying Toner Pads 
  3. Spot Treat: Blemish Spot Treatment (as needed)
  4. Hydrate: Light Aloe Moisturizer

NOTE: If you wish to consult with an Aesthetician email In this email include a written description of any skin concerns along with a picture of your skin. An Aesthetician will get back to you within 48 hours.

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