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Norwegian Skincare

Skin Script's Minimalist Kit

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Skin Script's Minimalist Kit is ideal for: 

- Normal to combination skin

- Men 

- Teens

The Kit Includes: 

Charcoal Clay Cleanser is infused with charcoal and kaolin clay to absorb environmental toxins.  Kaolin clay absorbs sebum, removes impurities and helps prevent clogged pores.

- Mint Refining Toner is designed to eliminate environmental debris and irritants. DisaPore 20 and lemongrass act as a natural astringent to tighten pores for smooth refreshed skin.

- Light Aloe Moisturizer normalizes and hydrates skin without leaving a heavy feel or film behind. Antioxidants and skin soothing agents in the moisturizer minimize irritation and environmental damage, resulting in clear, healthy skin.


-   These three products are designed for normal to combination skin.  The Charcoal Clay Cleanser will help absorb oil and toxins from the skin with a gentle foamy cleanse without over drying the skin.  The Mint Refining Toner will minimize pores and calm the skin.  The Light Aloe Moisturizer, even for oily skin, is needed to seal in water to balance surface lipids.

Direction for Use:

- Morning and evening. Apply Charcoal Clay Cleanser with fingertips in a circular, massaging pattern. Remove all product with warm wash cloth. Follow with mint refining toner. Finish by applying a thin layer of light aloe moisturizer to face, chest and neck. 


  1. Cleanse: Charcoal Clay Cleaner  
  2. Tone: Mint Refining Toner  
  3. Hydrate: Light Aloe Moisturizer 
  4. Protect: Sunscreen 


  1. Cleanse: Charcoal Clay Cleanser 
  2. Tone: Mint Refining Toner  
  3. Hydrate: Light Aloe Moisturizer 


NOTE: If you wish to consult with an Aesthetician email In this email include a written description of any skin concerns along with a picture of your skin. An Aesthetician will get back to you within 48 hours.

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